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SYM 6000 Horizontal Balancing Machines

SYM 6000 series horizontal balancing machines are innovatively designed for balancing operations of various rotors between 1.100 - 5.000 kg, with cardan or belt drive system. These machines are used for balancing in horizontal axis of heavy industry rotors such as cylinder, bobbin, roller, shaft, alternator, screw conveyor, pump shaft, industrial shaft, industrial fan, electric motor, turbine, generator, propeller, fan, train wheel, pump fan. By help of 2 universal rigid type pedestals having vibration sensors, bearings, and protection cover, cylindrical rotors having their own shaft journals and disc shaped rotors on balancing arbors can be balanced with high balancing accuracy.

Optionally, all over the balancing machine can be surrounded by switch controlled protection cage according to CE regulations. With the user-friendly software, the operation is very easy.

  • Manual loading & unloading 
  • Automatic unbalance measurement with high accuracy

  • Switch controlled protection cage according to CE regulations 
  • Additional bench

Technical Specifications



More Information

Technical Specifications Unit SYM 6300 SYM 6500 SYM 10000 SYM 30000
Maximum Rotor Weight Kg 3000 5000 10000 30000
Minimum Rotor Weight Kg 2 5 10 10
Maximum Rotor Diameter mm 1550 2000 2000 2480
Bearing Diameter mm Ø30-Ø155 Ø30-Ø200 Ø50-Ø250 Ø75-Ø230
Balancing Speed (Measurable) (*) rpm 36526 36526 36526 36526
Optional Additional Bench mm 1000+1000 1000+1000 1000+1000 1000+1000
Compressed Air bar 6 6 6 6
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