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RR 33 - On Vehicle Wheel Balancer - Finish Balancer

RR-33 - On Vehicle Wheel Balancer - Finish Balancer

The RR-33 on car wheel balancer is suitable for both trucks and passenger vehicles, offering a wide range of applications by facilitating the balancing process for different types of vehicles. With its capability to balance wheels for various vehicle types, it provides businesses with versatility. The RR-33 on car wheel balancer performs the balancing process quickly and accurately in a single rotation, optimizing operators' time, delivering excellent results to customers, and enhancing operational efficiency.

The RR-33 on car wheel balancer stands out with its portability, ease of use, and high performance. It offers a solution to improve the driving comfort and performance of vehicles while making the wheel balancing process more efficient and effective. Separate stands are available for trucks and passenger vehicles; without these stands, the machine cannot be used. A stroboscopic light system is utilized to identify imbalances in the wheel or rotating part. This system swiftly and accurately detects imbalances, enabling the balancing process to be performed more effectively.

  • Digital display
  • Equipped with stroboscopic light system
  • Suitable for both heavy-duty and passenger vehicles
  • Precise balancing in a single rotation

  • Truck - bus pick up unit capacity: 5,000 kg
  • Passenger pick up unit capacity: 800 kg
  • Motor: 380 V 3 HP 50 Hz 5.5 HP
  • Pulley rotation speed: 3,000 rpm
  • Balancing speed: 85 - 175 km/h

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