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PL 5000 - Hydraulic Car Lift

PL 5000 - Hydraulic Car Lift

PL5000 Hydraulic Ground Lift stands out with its reliable performance, user-friendly design, and high lifting capacity. This lift, ideal for service centers and industries, makes maintenance and repair operations of passenger vehicles faster and more efficient. The PL5000 is built with a sturdy and durable structure, allowing it to safely lift various types of vehicles and ensure smooth operation. Users can easily operate the PL5000 Hydraulic Ground Lift and carry out operations quickly. Its simple control mechanism and user-friendly design enhance operators' efficiency. This lift can safely lift any type of passenger vehicle and simplifies the process.

  • Serves the passenger vehicle group
  • Practical and functional usage
  • Maximum lifting capacity of 3 tons for vehicles
  • Hydraulic system
  • 1-meter lifting from the ground

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