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ODK Series Automatic Balancing Machine with Welding Unit for the Balancing of Flywheels

The ODK series automatic balancing machine with welding unit is designed to perform the precise balancing process of the most critical component of the flywheels. It is an automatic and balancing machine with welding unit designed specifically for this purpose. It is not suitable for other uses and is not recommended. The balancing process is performed while the parts rotating axes are in a vertical position. The motor rotational motion (start-up, rotating, and rotating speed) is controlled by the motor speed control device. It is computer-controlled and operates under the Windows operating system. Its operation by the operator is extremely fast and easy. The machine measures the imbalance amount by reading the vibration generated by the rotating part through sensors located in the body. The angular position of this imbalance is determined by an encoder or visually connected to the mechanical system.

  • Servo controlled
  • Operator-free
  • Fast operation
  • Flawless operation
  • High balance accuracy

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