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MTC 24 - Tire Changer

MTC 24 - Tire Changer

The MTC 24 robotic arm tire changer provides an excellent solution for passenger vehicles and simplifies all types of tire jobs. With its practical and functional usage, it increases business efficiency and enables users to work faster and more efficiently. With powerful features such as a maximum wheel diameter of 1,000 mm (40") and an air-operated auxiliary robot arm, this machine combines high performance with durability, ensuring robust and reliable operation.

The MTC 24 tire changer offers an ideal solution for passenger vehicles and facilitates all types of tire jobs. With its practical usage and powerful performance, it makes wheel changing operations for businesses more efficient and effective. Automatic tilting head and jaw locking features enhance user comfort while ensuring operation precision. These features enable operators to perform tasks easily while delivering excellent results to customers.

Features such as dual-speed rotary table and dual-bead breaker drop from the switch make operations quick and easy. Users can perform tire removal and installation tasks conveniently and save time.

  • Serves the passenger vehicle group
  • Practical and functional usage
  • Air-operated automatic tilting head
  • Air-operated jaw locking
  • Dual-speed rotary table from the switch
  • Air gauge
  • Dual-bead breaker drop
  • External grip between 11”-22” wheels
  • Internal grip between 13”-24.5” wheels
  • Maximum wheel diameter of 1,000 mm (40")
  • Air-operated auxiliary robot arm

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