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Automatic Tire Balancing Machines

Automatic tire balancing machine is an industrial vertical balancing machine designed for tire manufacturers. It is an automatic balancing machine for static imbalance measurement of solid metal-cord truck tires with bead seat diameter 20” - 25”. The machine is equipped with marking device for static unbalance position and marks the tire according to the balance grade. The tire model is automatically recognized by a camera imaging system.

• Automatic loading / unloading, automatic tire centering

• Automatic tire type recognition by camera imaging system

• Entrance / Exit conveyors

• Automatic clamping

• Automatic positioning according to heaviest or lightest point

• Automatic 3 different colored marking according to balancing grade

• Automatic / Manual mode

• Easy operation, user friendly software

• Self - Calibration

• Monitoring the unbalance value, angle, tire type on the main screen

• Ethernet network connection

• Automatic system backup, and database save

• Automatic loading / Unloading system - Robot / Conveyor

• Automatic tire type recognition

• Entrance / Exit conveyor system – Automation

• Automatic marking

Technical Specifications



More Information

Technical Specifications Unit SER 02 STC SER 02 STC TRUCK
Main Motor Servo Servo
Measuring Type Static - Dynamic Static - Dynamic
Automatic Loading / Unloading Optional Optional
Marking Optional Optional
Tire Type Recognition Optional Optional
Maximum Tire Weight kg 100 250
Tire Diameter inch 14" - 22" 20" - 25"
Cycle Time sec. 140 180
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